Survival of the Fattest: Fat Babies and Human Brain Evolution (research summary)

  1. Reliable fuel source between feeds
  2. Precursors to essential lipid building blocks for proper brain cell development
  • Providing a food supply that is reliable, abundant, and accessible
  • Offering little competition by other primates
  • Offering little predation by other carnivores
  • Requiring little energy expenditure to gather food
  • Requiring less time gathering food which allowed for more time to develop tools, language, and improve social interaction
  • Offering a better opportunity for the expression of genes promoting fat storage in the human fetus
  • Being accessible to anyone regardless of age, sex, or size
  • Providing a source of key nutrients needed for proper brain development



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Kristi Storoschuk

Kristi Storoschuk

Science writer with a focus on ketogenic nutrition and metabolic therapies.